Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Girly Kitschy Winter Nails

Sorry for not posting for such a long time, December was a hell of a month but things are getting better now. Today I decided to make myself a wellness-and-beauty-evening at home and did my nails. There's no snow in Austria at the moments, but still - it's winter! So I need snowflakes on my nails! I'm also really into pink and purple, so I decided to make pink nails with purple glitter.

I followed the instructions of MissChievous' Sparkly Glitter Christmas Nails tutorial - and I think the result wasn't to bad for the first try! 

I used the following products: 
  • Pink nail polish: MNY Maybelline New York 261
  • Clear top coat: essence quick dry topcoat
  • Purple glitter: De Cortions AD
  • Snowflake stickers: Blue Elf Beautynail
And here's how to do it:
  • Apply pink nail polish twice, let it dry really well.
  • Stick the snowflakes to your nails. Use larger ones on larger nails and smaller ones on smaller nails. 
  • Apply one layer of top coat, let it dry until it's still sticky but no longer wet. 
  • Apply the pink glitter on the tips using a soft eye shadow brush. 
  • Apply another layer of top coat.

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